Fist-Sized Rock Fails To Prevent Windstorm From Knocking Over Recycle Bin

With a significant windstorm forecast for garbage and recycling pickup day, Forster Woods resident Tim Howard considered how he could prevent his recycle bin from tipping over and depositing paper and cardboard in neighbors’ yards.

After an hour of thought, his solution was the placement of a single fist-sized rock atop the lid of the closed recycle bin. 

“I was so confident it would work. It turns out I was wrong,” admitted Howard, bending over to pick up an absconding Papa Murphy’s coupon ad from a neighbor’s yard. 

Asked why he didn’t keep the recycle bin in his garage until the morning of garbage day, Howard explained, “I’m not giving up or giving in, I really think a bigger rock might do it next time.” Howard also demonstrated how a brand new idea of his may have merit – moving the garage bin adjacent in such a way that the top of the recycle bin lid was trapped down by the lip of the heavier bin. 

Earlier this week high winds resulted in power outages throughout the Puget Sound region. High-wind advisories were in effect for areas along the Cascade Mountains, including North Bend.