North Bend to Raise Awareness of Unexpected Safari Encounters with 'Jumanji Awareness Week'

Inspired by recent zebra-related escapades, the City of North Bend is gearing up for 'Jumanji Awareness Week', a creative initiative aimed at educating residents about potential encounters with unexpected safari animals and helping residents prepare for other potential jungle emergencies. Expressing concern, Florence Jenkins, a resident at the North Bend Senior Center, remarked, "Next time it could be giraffes," highlighting the importance of being prepared for any wildlife surprises. "Who knows what's next? I just hope no one gets hurt." Throughout Jumanji Awareness Week, scheduled to launch next month, North Bend will host a range of events and activities designed to inform residents about zebras and other potential jungle-themed challenges. The idea took root after a series of zebra escapes near North Bend caused both intrigue and apprehension among locals. Determined to turn the situation into a learning opportunity, the North Bend City Council swift

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