Lucia the Tailor Called to Run for President After Saving ‘Love is Blind’ Wedding

As the picturesque town of North Bend became the backdrop for the popular Netflix show ‘Love is Blind’, residents never expected that one of their own would gain national recognition. When Brett faced a life-or-death fashion emergency just hours before his wedding to Tiffany, it was Lucia, a skilled European tailor from North Bend, who stepped in and tailored Brett's pants to perfection. The couple exchanged their vows without a hitch, and now Lucia has found herself in the spotlight for her problem-solving abilities.

Some Snoqualmie Valley residents are now calling for Lucia to run for President, believing that her skillset and ability to handle pressure would serve her well in solving our nation's problems. "Lucia has always been there for us in this small town," says Lottie Goldsmith, a longtime Forster Woods resident. "She never hesitates to lend a hand – or mend some pants, when someone is in need. I've seen her work miracles with a needle and thread; maybe it's time she works miracles with our country." 

Supporters of Lucia argue that she could be an ideal candidate given how well she handles stress while tackling unexpected problems. Even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has praised Lucia, simply tweeting, "Someone call Lucia the seamstress to fix this. I believe in her."

As the presidential election inches closer, many are curious to see whether Lucia will take on this new challenge. At present, Lucia has not made any official announcements regarding running for office. For now, residents of North Bend simply remain proud of their local hero and her newfound fame as the seamstress who saved a wedding.

Love is Blind is Netflix’s awkward attempt at a reality dating show where lonely souls fumble through awkward conversations in prison-like "pods," designed to prevent them from laying eyes on each other. The contestants then convince themselves they've formed deep emotional bonds based on vapid conversations and then, in a ludicrous display of commitment, propose to their unseen partners. Once couples finally meet face-to-face, they are thrown into a cold, harsh reality where drama ensues.

Being featured in a show with absurd premises and over-the-top personalities is nothing new to the town of North Bend, as it was the primary filming location for the television show, Twin Peaks. While some critics have pointed out that the premise of Love is Blind is essentially a glorified version of phone sex, North Bend residents are thrilled to finally have something to talk about other than their town's depressingly consistent rain.