‘Most Exploitative of Child Labor’ Category Proposed for Best of the Valley Awards

A new category has been proposed to be added to the “Best of the Valley” awards competition this year, “Most Exploitative of Child Labor”. The controversial move has split local residents into two camps – those who support it and those who don't. 

One thing is not debated – when it comes to taking advantage of child labor -- Nike, whose factory store is located in the North Bend Premium Outlets, stands out far above all others. If the new category is approved, it is expected that the Nike Factory Store will be the inevitable winner each year for the foreseeable future. This fact has raised concerns that such a category would be uncompetitive and unfair to other Snoqualmie Valley businesses.

As part of our investigation into this topic, we polled several local residents about their opinion and discovered that a majority of valley residents do not support child labor.

Another new award category being proposed is a “Most Anti-Union” award, which is being closely being watched by Starbucks Coffee, who would undoubtedly be a clear front runner.

The annual “Best of the Valley” awards are held every year in the Snoqualmie Valley. The annual competition from the Snoqualmie Valley Record newspaper allows its readers to pick their favorite local businesses and residents via an online poll. Residents pick their favorites from different groups of categories including: community, health, professional, restaurant and shopping.