North Bend to Raise Awareness of Unexpected Safari Encounters with 'Jumanji Awareness Week'

Inspired by recent zebra-related escapades, the City of North Bend is gearing up for 'Jumanji Awareness Week', a creative initiative aimed at educating residents about potential encounters with unexpected safari animals and helping residents prepare for other potential jungle emergencies.

Expressing concern, Florence Jenkins, a resident at the North Bend Senior Center, remarked, "Next time it could be giraffes," highlighting the importance of being prepared for any wildlife surprises. "Who knows what's next? I just hope no one gets hurt."

Throughout Jumanji Awareness Week, scheduled to launch next month, North Bend will host a range of events and activities designed to inform residents about zebras and other potential jungle-themed challenges.

The idea took root after a series of zebra escapes near North Bend caused both intrigue and apprehension among locals. Determined to turn the situation into a learning opportunity, the North Bend City Council swiftly devised a plan to raise awareness about the potential for encountering giraffes, elephants, and other exotic animals in the area.

Local businesses are also getting involved. Falling River Meats is playfully teasing 'The Taste of the Savanna Awaits!' as it considers adding zebra steaks and sausages to its lineup of humanely raised, locally sourced meats.

From interactive Jumanji-themed scavenger hunts to educational seminars at North Bend Elementary School, the town working to ensure everyone is well-prepared for any unexpected animal encounters.

Jumanji is a fictional adventure film that revolves around a magical board game. Imagine that The Hunger Games and a jungle-themed Monopoly had a baby. That baby would be a board game called Jumanji. In Jumanji (the movie, not the game), players who start Jumanji (the game) find themselves transported into Jumanji (the world), where they encounter various dangers, challenges, and wild animals. The only way to return to the real world is to finish Jumanji (the game).