North Bend Garbage and Recycling Services Suspended Until January 2025 Due To Snow

With a forecast for more snow and adverse weather conditions, "see you next year" was the message from North Bend's waste and recycling company, as garbage and recycling pickups have been suspended until January 2025.

"On a customer's first January 2025 collection day we will collect up to fifty-two times the regular material, at no charge," said Marshall Rensock, spokesman for Republic Services, the company that provides waste and recycling services for residents of North Bend.

Mr. Rensock also proudly proclaimed, "In addition, we are arranging for a permanent garbage and recycling drop-off site (at no charge) at Torgerson Park. Republic Services is dedicated to handling your recycling and waste needs in a way that is easy, effortless and environmentally responsible. This "dump" site will allow customers to dispose of their garbage in a self-service capacity. For everyone's convenience, the site will be open from 2:30PM to 3:45PM each Monday and every third Wednesday of the month. We will continue to work to ensure safe and dependable waste management solutions, and act as a trusted community and business partner you can rely on. See you in 2025!"

Republic Services is an industry leader in U.S. recycling and non-hazardous solid waste disposal.


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