Snoqualmie Installing Innovative Diverging Diamond Interchange, North Bend Left Behind

The City of Snoqualmie is making a bold move in the world of traffic solutions - installing a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) on I-90/SR 18. This innovative solution has been used successfully around the country, and now it's coming to the Snoqualmie Valley! 

"This project will be one of only a few DDIs in Washington State," said Joey Patterson, Director of Esoteric Transportation Projects at the Washington Department of Transportation. "We're proud that we have taken such a bold approach towards solving our own transportation issues here in the state." Patterson went on to explain that although simple and established solutions are still popular options when dealing with traffic flow issues, they no longer provide enough 'wow' factor compared to what DDIs offer today.

A DDI works by having two lanes cross over each other at an intersection, allowing vehicles to magically switch sides without waiting for signals or signs. It also eliminates left turns against oncoming traffic, reducing conflicts between drivers and improving safety overall. The perplexing design may allow more efficient movement through intersections than traditional roundabouts or stoplights do – vastly increasing driver confusion, but reducing congestion and increasing capacity while maintaining safe speeds for both cars and pedestrians alike.

“We have already started to prepare drivers by adding some non-sensical road markings around the interchange,” said Patterson. “By getting drivers used to confusion and disorientation in that area, we hope they will be better prepared for it once the DDI is installed.”  Patterson said a 90-page informational DDI study guide will also be provided to area drivers so they can study the design before even attempting to navigate their first DDI.

Forster Woods resident Wes Smith says he can't believe North Bend isn't keeping up with all the hip trends in unusual and confusing traffic solutions. "It's disconcerting," he said. "Snoqualmie is totally leading the way when it comes to implementing ridiculous solutions for traffic problems, and North Bend just doesn't seem to want to even try. Roundabouts are so boring... so last decade."

Nester Johnson of Fall City expressed his frustration with his neighboring city, "North Bend really should be embarrassed. They don't even try to keep up - and if North Bend can’t compete with Snoqualmie, then Fall City has no fucking chance!" 

Despite the feelings of jealously and anger, progress continues apace in Snoqualmie where design work and limited construction preparation has already begun on their brand new DDI installation. According to Patterson, construction crews are currently scheduling out work so that this exciting project can come into fruition soon, "we anticipate completion sometime in 2025," he added proudly.