Inaugural North Bend 'Dubstep Walk' Again Being Planned for December

North Bend resident Dylan Pittman still has a dream, and that dream is syncopated to his favorite dubstep track, Anti War Dub by Digital Mystikz.  His dream -- a Dubstep walk enjoyed by all Snoqualmie Valley residents.  "The music -- it just calls to me, what else can I say?" said Pittman, interviewed outside the North Bend Arby's on a crisp September Tuesday afternoon.  

Originally planned for December 2021, Pittman thinks a December 2022 event will indeed happen this year.  As his finished off his Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Pittman acknowledged, "Last year just kinda got away from me, but I'm sure it's going to happen this December.  Maybe.  We'll see!".  

Mr. Pittman has put his recently acquired website development skills to good use.  As Webmaster of "", he has been learning how to code in HTML after checking out "Building Websites For Dummies, 1998 Edition", from the North Bend Library last fall.  "The website will be simple, but effective", admitted Pittman.

Asked about potential musical artists for the upcoming Dubstep Walk, Pittman stated that the Snoqualmie Valley can count on Pittman himself making an appearance at the event, "I have put out some dirty dubstep tracks - my SoundCloud page already has tens of followers.  I expect even more as my music catches on.  Stay tuned!"

Dubstep is a style of music characterized by its sparse, syncopated rhythmic patterns, and prominent sub-bass frequencies. The genre originated in South London in the 2000s from the popular electronic dance music of that time.

North Bend has enjoyed both a Blues Walk and a Jazz Walk since 2013.