Infrastructure Bill Includes Money To Permanently Fix “Fucked Up Door” At North Bend Post Office

A detailed look at the new federal infrastructure bill passed by the House on Friday has revealed exciting news for North Bend residents.  Funds in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) have been allocated to repair and hopefully permanently fix the perennially “fucked up door” at North Bend’s Post Office.

“This is a game changer,” said Ernie Hammond, Assistant Postmaster for the North Bend Post Office.  “Besides our slow service, mis-delivered packages, and lost mail, that door is the most frequent complaint we get.  My father always said one out of four ain’t too bad,” Hammond carefully explained.

Congress recently approved the $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.  Political experts predict that President Biden will soon sign the bill, which many believe will provide a massive boost to infrastructure spending across the nation.

The US Postal Service was formed in 1791 and is committed to providing secure, reliable, and affordable delivery of mail and packages.  The North Bend Post Office is located at 451 E North Bend Way.


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