North Bend City Council Members Found Moonlighting As Bulldozer Operators

Not content with simply enacting policies and legislating ways to destroy what is left of North Bend’s history and small town charm, it’s been discovered that some members of the North Bend City Council have been moonlighting as bulldozer operators at a number of work sites in and around North Bend.

When found working at a future development off of SE North Bend Way, the City Council member we confronted simply released this prepared statement, “As your City Council, we’re not only bulldozing away this land for future housing and development, were also doing our best as a City Council to bulldoze away any memories or satisfaction about what North Bend was and is.”

The North Bend City Council member added, “Also, personally, I think bulldozing is a blast.  When I was a child I’ve loved playing with Tonka trucks.  Combining my childhood dream of operating heavy machinery while at the same time destroying our quiet, safe, small-town lifestyle is literally a dream come true.”

The North Bend City Council is the legislative and policy making body of the city.  There are now more than twenty-eight current and proposed commercial and residential development projects within North Bend city limits.